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Stanozolol in sports!
Stanozolol is the drug most commonly used by athletes as doping, in bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, athletics, weightlifting and in many other sports.
Steroid courses for beginners!
Not all anabolic steroids are suitable for beginners in bodybuilding. Many of them are produced with the expectation of use by experienced athletes, even with respect to minimum dosages. A direct example of such steroids is trenbolone (from short ester acetate to a long-acting enanthate), which surpasses testosterone itself in terms of anabolic and androgenic activity. Immediately rush to the bat will be a big mistake. Turinabol, boldenone, methandienone, testosterone propionate, stanozolol (and others) - these are the right steroids for beginning bodybuilders. Their safety in compliance with the recommendations is not in doubt, and the effectiveness - if not the highest, but sufficient, if the body of the recipient is not familiar with severe sports pharmacology. Novice athletes are recommended to recommend more “soft steroid drugs”, which at the first stages provide pronounced results, but not associated with an increased risk of side effects. And this is the right approach. The “titans” of the omnidren type, oxymetalone, trenbolone single ethers or the tri-sim mix will come at the proper time when the needs corresponding to their strength appear. Steroids for newbies, mentioned above, we will consider today, and at the same time we will understand why they are chosen.
The first course turinabol solo!
Turinabol (Oral) (chemical 4-chlorohydromethyltestosterone) is an anabolic steroid that is similar in effects and chemical structure to methandrostenolone. The word "screamed" in the title means that this anabolic agent is taken orally (by mouth). The difference from methandrostenolone is that turinabol contains an additional chlorine atom at the fourth carbon atom. The drug was first developed by the German pharmaceutical company Jenapharm and patented in 1961. You can buy it in our online store.