Primobolan 100mg / ml Zhengzhou

 Primobolan 100mg / ml Zhengzhou
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100 mg/ml
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► A set of quality mass

►Applied by women

► Muscle drawing

► Fat burning effect

►No aromatization


Primobolon (in the jargon of athletes aka “prima”) is very common among women drugs, which practically does not give the female body side effects. It is a fairly mild steroid among its injectable counterparts. It does not retain water and gives a quality mass, which grows gradually and efficiently. He copes with fatigue after training, speeds up recovery, improves the general condition of the athlete, which in turn makes it possible to work out more intensively and get better results during the training process.


Primobol is popular far beyond the gym and strength training, it is often used by boxers, wrestlers and athletes from athletics, because it is building up muscles and does not transfer an athlete to another weight category. From the course of primobolan one should expect about 3-4 kg of gained weight, which will stay with you for a long time if you eat properly and have a good rest (no muscles will stay with you without normal sleep).

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