Testoged Propionate 100 mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals

Testoged Propionate 100 mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals
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Testosterone Propionate
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100 mg/ml
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Testogeed Propionate  Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals

This drug is very popular on the Ukrainian market of steroids. It is represented by the famous Moldovan Golden Dragon company, which offers its customers only high-quality sports products. This tool can safely be called the most studied, since it has been around for centuries in the field of sports. The active substance was synthesized by specialists in the distant 30s. In medicine, the medication helped to treat primary eunuchoidism, muscular dystrophy, and hypofunction of the testicles. It can be used by both the pros and the newcomers without fear of the occurrence of bumps. Not only bodybylderы, but Sportsmen and others know something Testohed propionate allows us prybavyt kachestvennuyu muscles and bыt nezamenym courses drying.

Characteristics and effects from the reception

Testogeed has a short period of action, which requires frequent injections - usually they are carried out every other day. Acting inside the body almost instantly. The addition of a steroid is that it does not delay excess fluid inside the body, as a result of which there is no sharp increase in body weight. There is a guaranteed increase in dry and high quality muscles. Duration of the ether is 2 to 3 days. When conducting laboratory tests to detect a substance in the body actually up to 1 month. Testosterone is prone to conversion to estrogens and to a marked suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicle axis.

The effects after the propika course are quite weighty in order to want to buy the Testoged propionate Golden Dragon in Ukraine. Among them, one can mention the rapid increase in total musculature, increase in body weight to the desired mark, improve the appearance and quality of relief, increase physical and endurance, and delicate removal of subcutaneous fat. The course also highlights the maintenance of a high level of nitrogen, an increase in the special insulin-like growth factor, normalization of the cardiovascular system, and the prevention of heart disease. An additional and pleasant bonus for each male athlete is to increase the sexual attraction of the course.

The course of solo and combination combinations

For beginner athletes, the propionate course recommends that the solo be planed with a minimum dosage of 50 mg a day. The course lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. Profi prefer to "burn" steroid in an amount up to 200 mg. PTC after the course consists in taking tamoxifen. In order to maximize the effect, you should combine steroid injections with high-quality sports nutrition.

To get a wonderful synergistic effect, it is recommended to combine Testogeed propionate with certain drugs. For example, for a good drying it will bind with Stanozolol, Masteron, Primobolan or Trenbolone acetate. At the course of the course, you must use aromatase inhibitors or Proviron as antiestrogens. And on the way out of the solo course, it is recommended to use cortisol blockers. The latter will help avoid the rollback phenomenon, which scares many newcomers.

Side effects

With insufficient experience in the administration of drugs, novice athletes may face constipation or irritation at the injection site. If you ignore the recommended dosages and exceed them, prolong the course, you can actually get stuff like the phenomenon of gynecomastia, acne, hair growth on the body, hair loss, enlargement of the prostate, masculinization in women. A slight disadvantage of Testogeda is the suppression of the production of its own testosterone at a high level. It can be restored only a couple of months after the end of the course. Sometimes you can do without PCT.


About a hundred years the drug has been successfully applied by representatives of various sports disciplines. Reviews of courses with this popular air are quite diverse. But in the majority of them they are always positive. Athletes give a high appreciation of the quick work of the means inside the body, the ability to find a review in the form of hypertrophy of the muscles, to enable the athlete to qualitatively restore strength and replenish the energy reserves between conducting workouts. Some negative reviews are associated with unpleasant sensations at the time of the injection and the frequency of injections. Because of that, something not for vseh atletov podhodyat ynъektsyy, kotoryya Nuzhny commit a day, vыbyrayut Some эfyrы with dlynnыmy bokovыmy tsepochkamy.

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