Testoged E 250mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals

Testoged E 250mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals
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Testosterone Enanthate
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250 mg/ml
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Today we are talking about a steroid, which has a pronounced effect and androgenic qualities, is widely used in courses designed for rapid muscle growth and an increase in the indicator of physical strength. The main component of the testosteroid steroid is the testosterone ester. It is endowed with a long time of exposure - about 3 weeks, with half-life in the body occurring in 1 week. In the domestic market of "pharma" the drug is represented by a well-known producer from the Republic of Moldova - the company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals. It does not require frequent injections - it is enough several times a week. These vitamins have already been appreciated by many bodybuilders, heavy and athletes, representatives of martial arts and other sports.


The duration of anabolic work within the body of any athlete is usually an average of 15 days. In the case of a vitamin test, it can be detected in the blood up to 3 months. Does not have a toxic effect on the normal functioning of the liver. Significantly suppresses the course of the axis of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-testicles. Has a high level of aromatization. To exclude pobachek should take special inhibitors of aromatase. Buy Testore enanthate Euro Prime Farmaceuticals in Ukraine seek those athletes who are interested in a quick set of high-quality general musculature.

Effects of admission

The complex effect after the course includes a number of guaranteed results that can be obtained in case of proper administration. These include a noticeable increase in the average quality of muscles, an increase in the coefficient of physical strength and endurance, the elimination of existing unpleasant sensations in the joints, stimulation of regeneration processes, an increase in the oxygen mass of the blood, the phenomenon of pumping. Also there is an increase in the general vitality of any athlete, his mood improves, the motivation for conducting effective training increases.

Solo course and combined courses

Before planning a course of taking Testosterone solo, it is recommended to get a specialist consultation. This is especially true for beginners. The doctor, based on such important data as sex, age, experience in the field of sports and vitamin intake, will help to adjust the average recommended dose and make up an individual course. Usually the solo course lasts no longer than 2 months, that is 8 weeks. The working weekly dosage of Testoged is 250 - 750 mg. The increase in dosage is unjustified, and can only cause the emergence of pobochek.

Since the drug itself is mainly working to increase the overall musculature, to solve other tasks set for themselves athletes use it in combination with other drugs. Excellent liaison with Trenbolone, Methandrostenolone and Nandrolone, Turinabol proved to be a good one. In this case, the amount of each drug should be identical to the minimum dosage offered for the solo course. Combining drugs, do not forget to buy anti-estrogens, as well as gonadotropin. To prevent the phenomenon of recoil, it is customary to use cortisol blockers as PCT. Practice shows that it is possible to achieve higher results in the case of receiving a quality sports nutrition.

Side effects

Pills are usually estrogenic in nature. But if you "cure" means in the average working dosage and do not delay the course, it is usually possible to avoid them. In other cases, such unwanted reactions on the part of the body are possible, such as gynecomastia, swelling, acne, fat deposits, pressure jumps. Elimination of pills advised to conduct, as already mentioned above, by taking inhibitors of aromtase and antiestrogenic agents.


Testogen enanthate has a huge army of fans in the sports environment. Thanks to this, numerous praises are left about him after the course on various sites. This is a small number of injections per week, which is very convenient. It is also possible to avoid the appearance of seals at the injection site. It is well tolerated by any organism, it guarantees a solid increase in musculature, it allows you to become stronger, more enduring, more active, to get motivation to conduct effective sports activities, to shorten the time to restore strength and energy level between them.

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