Syntrax Whey Shake

Syntrax Whey Shake
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Key Features of Syntrax Whey Shake:

• Is undenatured whey protein;

• Rapid solubility;

• Pleasant taste;

• Carefully selected composition of amino acids;

• No harmful additives.

Already the first features suggest that the manufacturer has created not only a useful product, but that is especially important safe for human health. It is known that in sports nutrition, many manufacturers, for the sake of the result, add harmful components to the body that may subsequently negatively affect health. In this case, the company has created a whey protein of the highest quality, which to date has gained wide popularity among professional athletes. This is an example of an optimal product-to-product ratio. The main component of the mixture is a protein that is represented by a concentrate of undenatured whey protein. It is the purest and most valuable source of protein. Whey Shake has been specially designed for people who are active in their lifestyles, professionally engaged in sports, undergoing rehabilitation, injury and others.

The main components are: whey protein, natural flavors, soya lecithin, salt, natural vanilla powder, sweetener, sucralose.

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