Testo Mix 250mg/ml Canada Peptides

Testo Mix 250mg/ml Canada Peptides
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For the first time this product became known in the 70th year of the last century thanks to the company Organon. The new remedy showed itself well in medicine, where it helped to cure delays in sexual development, sexual dysfunction, and some oncological diseases in women. Sustamed 250, also known as Sustanon, is a unique combination of 4 esters of the main male hormone testosterone, each of which has its own period of exposure to the body. Due to this, they enter into work one after another, which allows obtaining a stable concentration of the active substance in the blood for 15 days.

Characteristics and effects of admission

The steroid, most in demand by bodybuilders and siloviki, represented on the market of domestic "pharma" by Canada Peptides Pharmaceutical Company, includes testosterone decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocarpate and propionate. By the 15th day of the course, it is possible to reach its maximum concentration, which somewhere in a month returns to the initial level.

Buy Sustamed 250 Canada Peptides in Ukraine in recent years seeking many athletes who are aware of all the advantages of the drug. These include an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood, which increases the aerobic characteristics of the body and affects the degree of endurance athlete. There is also a normal protein synthesis and a correct increase in body weight. The effect after the course of the Susta and during the injection is also a rapid build-up of dry muscles, obtaining powerful pumping, a dramatic increase in the indices of physical strength, the absence of hormonal pits. Also increases sexual desire, increases appetite. The athlete feels better, can recover more quickly after carrying out exhausting trainings.

The solo and combination course

The course of solo reception should not normally exceed 8 weeks. The working dosage, which allows the effective use of this drug, is 250 - 750 grams per week. Professionals usually make up an individual course together with a doctor and trainer. It calculates the dosage based on sex, sports experience, experience of ACC, weight and other important indicators. PKT on the course consists in taking Anastrazole with the goal of blocking estrogens. In practice, such a scheme has proved to be well-Anastrazole on the course, Nolvadex or Clomid after its termination. To help the body to quickly adjust the production of testosterone at the desired level, buy gonadotropin.

If your goal is to rapidly increase the musculature, combine Sustamed with Turinabol. On drying and for the formation of a presentable relief, a ligament with Stanozolol works well.

Side Effects and Feedback

Often, pimples occur when athletes ignore the use of anti-estrogen drugs. When taking a steroid in an amount above the average, it is advised to inject Anastrozole or Providad in parallel. Beginners should start with the minimum recommended dosage. In the case of individual intolerance, prolonging the course, taking in excessive amounts, the drug is able to provoke the appearance of acne, alopecia or vice versa, strong hair growth. Sustamed-250 is not used by competing athletes, since it is detected in the blood 3 months after the course.

Reviews about this product are mostly positive. Beginners sometimes do not fit a high price on the background of the general rate. But the pros do not stop this, because the course is very convenient to use on the course due to rare injections, and you can get from it a qualitative increase in the musculature, a significant increase in physical strength and endurance, as well as other effects necessary for any athlete.

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