Sustaghed 250mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals

Sustaghed 250mg / ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals
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Every year to buy Sustaghed 250 in Ukraine without an advance payment, as well as many other drugs, it gets harder, not all online stores want to work openly. This is associated with greater risks in the sale of steroid drugs. Of course, this does not attract customers at all, but there are simply no other options. Despite this situation, you can still find sellers who can send your order by cash on delivery, Sustanon is also no exception.

Sustaged - 250 Euro Prime EPF is presented in a large 10 ml bottle, this is a good saving of your money. The main qualities of this drug, no different from the standard Sustanon. The proposed company in the Ukrainian market is considered young, but the quality of the entire line of steroids is really high. The new manufacturer tries to prove itself as best as possible and therefore pays much attention to the implementation of all production standards, which can not be said about some famous brands.


This drug was originally created for use in conventional medicine. He was often prescribed to increase the level of testosterone in the body of a man. There are some types of diseases that require additional administration of testosterone, for the normal functioning and development of the body. Excellent properties of this drug have been noticed by many athletes and today Custanon 250 has become an integral part of a good course on strength and weight.

The preparation includes in its composition 4 different testosterone esters, which have different duration of their action. It is believed that each testosterone is included in the work in order of turn. Thus, the athlete can use the drug only once a week, getting a good result. As a rule, this is more suitable for beginners, but more experienced athletes adhere to weekly dosages of 500 mg (2 per week).

Sustaghed - 250 has an anabolic activity equal to 100% of testosterone, which successfully allows to gain muscle mass, and in addition a 100% androgenic effect significantly accelerates this process. If you want to gain quick muscle mass and strength, then this drug will help you to get the desired result inexpensively.

The drug contributes to a rapid increase in strength and endurance, so it is often used in power sports. Already after the first injections, the athlete can feel at the nearest training all the charm of the chosen drug. Many note that the surge of strength and endurance is very fast and noticeable.

Note that the action of Custanon on the athlete's body has a flavoring character, which leads to fluid retention and sometimes to undesirable side effects. On the course Sustanon 250 can accumulate fluid in the muscle fibers and with increased nutrition increase the fat mass. This is a fairly common phenomenon when using vitamins of a similar nature. This can be avoided by taking anti-estrogens.

Course of reception of Sustanon

How to properly take Sustanon 250, this is a very important point, because there are many topics on this question and it is not always possible to find the best option. To begin with it is necessary to consider Sustanon solo admission, this is not the most common variant of drug administration, but sometimes beginners are considering this method. Previously, it was considered not expensive and efficient, but with today's prices for all prpeparatry, each course is expensive.

Admission of any course on Sustaghed is desirable to withstand a maximum of 8 weeks, the minimum course can start from 5 weeks. Now many athletes often buy the minimum rate for 5 weeks, this is due, above all, to savings. The advantageous acquisition of a Sustaged vial by 10 cubes, makes you make the shortest course possible.

The average dosage in one week is 500 mg, or 2 dice. The drug is desirable to prick with an equal interval, on Monday one cube and, for example, on Thursday one cube. This is the average dosage for Sustanon.Of course, you can take a little higher dosage of 3, or yes 4 ampoules a week, but this is for more experienced athletes. If you are inclined to think that the effect of this drug has a long period and the frequency of its injection can be much less, then the result will be very weak. In practice, the injection once a week leaves very few satisfied, it is suitable for not very demanding sportsmen for beginners. The optimal option for the visible result is 2 cubes, or 2 ampoules a week.

But still, Sustanon-250 is basically ordered, in the course with other drugs and this makes it possible to reduce dosages and get a much better result. To avoid fluid retention, this drug is recommended for use with oral medications: Turinabol, Stanozolol, Oxandrolone. This will help to get a better quality muscle mass, which is well preserved and does not merge immediately after the end of the course of admission.

On the course Sustaged 250

The course of the Susta is not dependent on the manufacturer, even the Organon, without exception, necessarily leads to fluid retention. This process of aromatization is inherent in this drug and for many it will be useful to reduce it to a minimum. On the course Sustanon 250 increases estrogenic activity due to the increase in the female hormone in the male body and water in the muscles, this is not the worst thing that happens. There are cases of improper courses, or more precisely the use of not suitable dosages, which lead to hardening in the nipples, gynecomastia. With this problem it is much harder to fight and it is better to take care beforehand that this does not happen.

Planning your course, whether or not it will be, he is solo, or is it a few drugs, it is also recommended to order Proviron. It is included in the middle of the course and take 1 tablet every day until the end of steroids. This helps to block the appearance of estrogen and, accordingly, removes the main pobochki on the course. Accordingly, the fluid retention will be reduced to a minimum, and hence the quality of the musculature, significantly improve. Consequently, after the course there will be nothing to merge, there will be dry muscles. This is not an expensive and effective option for a beginner and an average athlete. Gonadotropin is used in strong courses and often athletes do not correctly treat the perception of their course, planning simply brutal after the course therapy.

A good option in the course with Sustanon to buy oral steroids, which in themselves reduce estrogenic activity and thereby suppress fluid retention and pobochki. Excellent ready-made course Turinabol + Sustanon, will help to gain quality musculature and significantly increase the strengths. This course is considered popular and in practice, he liked many middle athletes. Also, Sustanon can be combined with similar oral steroids Stanozolol, Oxandrolone, but Danabol, Anabol, Methane will provoke an even greater accumulation of fluid and fat layer, focusing on the set of total body weight.

What is better after the course

After a course of any complexity, it is desirable to use the drug for recovery. If you take into consideration the purchase of Sustanon for the course, or use in the course with other vitamins, then you are sure to face suppression of reproduction of testosterone proper. Sustanon himself, this is a direct testosterone and he significantly supersaturates the athlete's body with an artificial male hormone, this accordingly causes the body to stop producing its own.

It is after the course that it is recommended to apply PBC for rapid recovery. Used, or Clomid, or Tamoximed, the most common and effective way. Start their reception is 10 days after the end of the course. It is accepted on 1 tab. Every day for 20 days. The point is that artificial testosterone is no longer introduced and quickly leaves our body, and its own recovery has a very long period. If you do nothing in taking PKT, then the results are hard to keep.PCT after the course, helps to speed up the entire recovery process, thus favorably affects conservation. Thus, you can quickly recover and prepare your body for the next, better course.

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