Stanozolol 10mg Zhengzhou Pharm Co. Ltd Сhina

Stanozolol 10mg  Zhengzhou Pharm Co. Ltd Сhina
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Stanozolol is one of the most popular steroid products among bodybuilders. It is widely known under the trade name Winstrol (injectable form name).

Zhengzhou Stanozolol is usually used by sportsmen who want to achieve a good-looking body and gym rats.

Bodybuilders who take Zhengzhou Stanozolol report increase of their muscle strength, while the athlete becomes more explosive and fast.

If taken in tablets, Stanozolol can be detected only within three weeks after the last administration, which is an important benefit that bodybuilders knowing their test plan get from using this steroid. If you’d like to include Zhengzhou Stanozolol in your cycle, visit our online-store at, where you can purchase it at the most favorable prices.

Another important advantage of Zhengzhou Stanozolol is its ability to strengthen a sportsman’s physique and make him look dryer.

Dosage of Zhengzhou Stanozolol 20mg 50 tabs
An average daily dosage of Zhengzhou Stanozolol for female bodybuilders is approximately 10 mg. However, some of them can find a little bit higher dosage more suitable, particularly for a short period of time. In this case, their steroid cycle starts from 10 mg of Zhengzhou Stanozolol daily and then can come up to 20 mg.

Female bodybuilders should make sure they can tolerate the beginning dosage of Zhengzhou Stanozolol well prior to raise the amount.

Dosages higher than 20 mg are not recommended to be taken by women because of high probability of virilization symptoms.

As for male bodybuilders, a standard recommended dosage is 50 mg of Zhengzhou Stanozolol daily. This amount of the steroid allows to achieve desired results and is tolerated quite well. Sometimes, even lower dosages are sufficient. However, it is not a good idea to take this steroid every second day because of its short half-life. 100 mg is considered to be a maximum allowed dose, which is recommended only for competitive bodybuilders at the end of their cycle.

Zhengzhou Stanozolol is often taken at 50 mg daily for 6 weeks, then raised up to 100 mg during next 2 weeks.

A combination with Trenbolone is highly effective and allows to achieve desirable results.

Side effects of Zhengzhou Stanozolol 20mg 50 tabs
Unfortunately, Zhengzhou Stanozolol is pretty hepatotoxic. Therefore, it is not recommended to take this steroid for longer than 8 weeks.

After cancelling the Stanozolol treatment, all liver enzyme values will promptly return to their normal levels. This fact shows that the liver toxicity of Stanozolol is not so dramatic. We can say that it is more harmful than some other steroid drugs, but less harmful than, for example, regular alcohol consumption. You can purchase the product right now from our online-store at the address

Another side effect which often appears after a Zhengzhou Stanozolol cycle is bad influence on cholesterol levels, namely decreasing HDL cholesterol and raising LDL cholesterol. The degree of this undesirable action depends on the individual sensitivity. Zhengzhou Stanozolol users are recommended to follow a healthy diet which should include Omega Fatty Acids.

Additionally, this steroid provides significant suppression of the natural testosterone production, so all user should add Testosterone-based drugs to their cycle.

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