Scitec Nutrition Whey Protein

Scitec Nutrition Whey Protein
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This drug manufactured by Scitec Nutrition passes as high-quality ultrafiltration at the micro level. 100% Whey Protein contains a high percentage of high quality whey protein. This drug is very concentrated, which allows you to guarantee a positive result. 100% Protein is the most sought after drug among professional athletes and beginners. It is widely used in practice by bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes. For them, an effective muscle gain in a short time, as well as an increase in strength and endurance are important.

Composition of the preparation
The composition of the drug contains substances that allow intensive strengthening of immunity and the production of glutathione, a powerful natural antioxidant. Also contained quadropeptides. They block the process of catabolism. The drug contains about 50% amino acids. In 100% Whey Protein virtually no lactose, sugar, fats and carbohydrates. But, unlike other drugs, it has an elevated amount of L-glutamine. In one serving contains about 30 grams of powder. The energy value is about 120 kcal. Proteins are 22 grams.

This additive is the best amino acid that affects the growth of muscle tissue.

Application of the drug
Using 100% Whey Protein will help your body to maximize its potential. For the good result, the following rules are recommended:

· Eat during meals;

· Reception before bed;

· Dosage of 1-4 servings per day.

Depending on what result you want and how much protein you need for your body, you can adjust the course of the drug.

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