Primobol 100mg / ml Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Primobol 100mg / ml Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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Primobolan Balkan to buy in Ukraine

Methenolone, better known among athletes, such as Primobolan, Primobol, Nibal, has other trade names - Primobolan S, Primo-100, Primobol 100, Primodex 100, Pharmaprimo and others. One of the best steroids on the "pharma" market is the Balkan company. Primobolan in the form of injections and tablets has been allowing athletes to improve their physical fitness for many years, to become owners of impressive, dry, tight and dense musculature. And also increase the indicators of physical strength and endurance.


Before buying the Primobolan Balkan in Ukraine, the athlete should know about his features and rules of use. The steroid has anabolic activity of 88% and an androgenic index of 44% of testosterone. Its anabolic effect is rather mild and can be compared with Deca. After the injection, the active substance accumulates, then enters the blood of the athlete gradually. Due to what this steroid has a prolonged action - up to 14 days for the injection form (for comparison, the tablets are active not more than 6 hours). The drug is moderately toxic to the liver and is not prone to conversion to estrogens, which is so feared by inexperienced athletes. It can be detected during laboratory tests within 6 months after the final injection course (for tablets this time is up to 100 days).

Effects of admission

Effects of taking a steroid are guaranteed to be available to every athlete who will buy it in a tested online store and will comply with the admission scheme.

Why is it worth already today to order Primobol Balkan in Ukraine. Thanks to him, it is really possible to obtain a weak anabolic effect with a small androgenic effect. The athlete is guaranteed to receive an increase in quality musculature, a reduction in fat deposits, an increase in the coefficient of physical strength. On the course, one should expect not only an amazing increase in relief, but also a guaranteed drawing of the musculature. Steroid is indispensable in the course of drying as a means for keeping the musculature recruited. When it is used, athletes are attracted to the opportunity to get high results against the backdrop of a weak rollback phenomenon, as well as a minimal risk of pimples.

The course of solo and combination with other steroids

What is the course of solo reception. The average recommended dosage of the steroid injection form is up to 400 mg per week (tablets - 50 to 100 mg per day). In this case, women should not use more than 100, a maximum of 200 mg, and professional bodybuilders and bodybuilders sometimes bring the amount to 600, and in individual cases and up to 800 mg. But even the pros before the start of the course is better to undergo a medical examination and get a specialist consultation. The standard course lasts 6-8 weeks. After 3 weeks after the solo course is over, PKT is held (for oral form - after a couple of days).

Since the weak anabolic effect of methenol is well known, a steroid is often used in combination with other drugs. If the goal of the athlete is to increase the musculature, he must, in addition to Primobol, acquire Masteron, Nandrolone, Anabol, Methandrostenolone, or any kind of Testosterone. When it is planned to perform effective drying, the choice should be stopped on Winstrol, or consider a ready course of prima + testosterone. Although not recommended to make a combined course of more than 2 steroids, pros often include in it and 3 drugs. In a mixed course, steroids should be used in half doses, and women are advised to avoid any combination of steroid drugs.

Side effects from the course Primus

Since both forms of steroid release can not be converted to estrogens, the course should not be afraid of the appearance of edema or gynecomastia. Although the last pobochka and specified by manufacturers in some instructions. If a long course of Primobolan is administered using it in a high dosage, gonadotropin should be used to prevent the inhibition of the production of its own testosterone. Otherwise, atrophy of the testicles is not ruled out. Methenol does not provoke a rise in blood pressure, when it is taken, the level of harmful cholesterol hardly increases. When used in excessive amounts, such pobochki as insomnia, aggression, increased excitability, increasing the number of hepatic enzymes are possible.


Judging by the kind of feedback the sportsmen leave on the steroid, the majority remains the quality of the muscular system, the normal tolerability of injections, the dried, hard and dense relief, the indices of physical strength and endurance. Not all athletes are satisfied with the rather high price of the drug (oral form), which is justified by its high quality and efficiency. In case of correct admission, the risk of pimples and the phenomenon of recoiling are reduced to a minimum, giving way to only positive results.

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