Oxandrolone 10mg Zhengzhou Pharm Co. Ltd Сhina

Oxandrolone 10mg Zhengzhou Pharm Co. Ltd Сhina
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For sports on a professional level, many athletes may need an additional stimulant, such as Oxandrolone. It can be used not only by professionals, but also by newcomers who just became involved in sports, and increased physical exertion.

One of the most effective and safe is Oxandrolone, which was created on the basis of Oxandrolone. By its properties, it has a fairly low androgenicity, supplemented by increased pharmacological activity. Oxandrolone produces 400% of testosterone.

Oxandrolone buy and take at the rate means to achieve high results, strengthen muscle mass, increase strength and endurance.

Thanks to the use of Oxandrolone from Zhenzhou Pharm, it is possible to build an ideal architecture of the body, especially the relief of the muscles, which remains dry after the course of the drug. Oxandrolone tablets are an oral drug, the best preparation for burning fat, lifting power indicators, and also building dry muscles.

This is a fairly effective drug, which is recommended for admission to athletes professionals, and athletes beginners.

The effect of taking the drug

Oxandrolone, unlike other vitamins, does not completely inhibit the production of personal testosterone, so after the end of the admission, post-course therapy can take place without the use of additional funds. Moreover, it does not aromatize during production, therefore the level of estrogen does not increase, and the risk of gynecomastia in men is completely absent.

Oxandrolone blocks the receptors of cortisol, thereby preventing the destruction of muscle mass.


Initially, Oxandrolone was synthesized as a medical preparation, and was created as Oxandrolone. This type of drug was used to treat burns, anemia, epilepsy, and also was prescribed for patients to recover from the operation. The drug in small doses was intended for children too - low enough toxicity and low androgenicity, effectively influenced the recovery processes.

Seeing the effective effect of the drug, Oxandrolon interested athletes. To date, this vitamin is one of the most popular and preferred drugs in the sports environment.

In small doses, he is recommended to receive a woman - athletes, and even young athletes. Oxandrolone can be bought in Ukraine on a specialized web resource, where the safest and most effective products of leading pharmacological manufacturers are presented.


Many athletes have questions about how to take Oxandrolone, and whether side effects can occur when taking it.

Most importantly, when taking Oxandrolone, pick the right course and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. This is the main requirement that is presented when taking the drug. If the course is calculated correctly, and the doses are not too high, then the probability of side effects is minimized. In this case, negative impact can occur only because of the biological characteristics of the body.

When a newcomer decides to independently increase the prescribed dose in order to achieve positive results as soon as possible, then for his health, excess can play a cruel joke. Exceeding the dose, the athlete can cause irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system. Excess dose also adversely affects the liver. Therefore, deviation from the rules is strictly prohibited. The maximum permissible intake of the drug is 80 mg per day, and it should be divided into three parts.

It should be noted that the main indicator of the oral drug is directed to the activation of the release of creatine phosphate and gonadotropin, resulting in a rapid withdrawal of water from the tissues. At the same time, the muscle mass becomes drier and stiff enough. At the same time, strength increases, endurance increases. The drug is not flavored.

When Oksandrolon is administered, dizziness and mild nausea may occur, then in this case, stop taking.The drug is slightly toxic for the liver, so it is accepted even by the youngest athletes. The Chinese pharmacological company, Zhenzhou Pharm, minimized the likelihood of side effects, so the drug is completely safe for health. Another important feature of the drug is that it delays calcium, and promotes bone growth. This is very important for athletes who are engaged in such sports, where the trauma danger is high enough. Therefore, for them Oxandrolone is simply irreplaceable.

The course Oxandrolone Zhenzhou Farm consists of taking the drug from 10 mg per day to 80 milligrams. With increasing doses from 10 to 40 mg, the density and relief of the musculature increases, both in beginners and in athletes with experience. Experienced athletes with a heavy weight of 100 kg can take a safe dose of 80 mg.

The daily dose is divided into three doses and is used during the day. Admission is carried out for 5-6 weeks.

After completing the course, one should not forget about post-course therapy, and after two days begin to receive Tamoxifen. Also athlete should use sports nutrition.

The drug can be taken as a complex with other vitamin complexes, and Oxandrolone solo.


If you correctly take the drug, then in a short time you can achieve high results and seriously fix the relief of the musculature, strengthen its elasticity. This is evidenced by Oxandrolon reviews, which come not only from men, but also from women athletes. Many athletes focus on increasing the relief and hardness of the muscles. This is important, because this effect is directed to the action of Oxandrolone. For bodybuilding and other power sports this is important enough.

A lot of reviews are devoted to the reduction of fat deposits, as well as the possibility of fat burning. For men, the most vulnerable place is the abdominal zone, but the drug is able to effectively affect the fatty layer. Also, judging by the published reviews, athletes highly appreciate the effect of the increase in strength indicators. This is very important for athletes, boxers, skiers, where you need not only strength, but also endurance.

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