Pharma3-Tren 250mg/ml Pharmacom Lab

Pharma3-Tren 250mg/ml Pharmacom Lab
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250 mg/ml
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dry and dark place (t ° <25-27 ° C)
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What is the Trenbolone Mix and to whom does it help?

The trenbolone mix (three trenbolones in one: acetate enanthate and carbonate) is a very effective course that can be applied by professional athletes to achieve excellent results. This mix combines several types of trenbolons at once, which not only duplicate the action of each other, increasing efficiency, but also complement each other, making the course of application more valuable.

Drug action
When using tritrene pharmacom, athletes experience the following positive effects:

Uniform hormonal background. There are no such jumps, rjulf after an injection testosterone takes off, and then mercilessly drops, creating stress to the body. After an injection of 7-10 days, you feel the same, without interruption.
Muscle growth. If you use the drug in a solo for a couple of months, you can gain about 10 kilograms of dry muscles without a kickback.

Increased libido.

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