Mastoged 100mg/ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals

Mastoged 100mg/ml Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals
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Payment upon receipt, 100% original and high-quality drug. Masteron, Drostanolone, is produced today by the company Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals. It is based on esters of propionate and enanthate. It was developed by the company Syntex Pharmaceuticals in 1959, but was on the market only in 1970. Originally used in medicine - as a means to combat breast cancer. This drug, which has pronounced androgenic activity and moderate anabolic properties, in the world of sports was originally used for delicate removal of fat deposits and creating a presentable relief. Today, it is indispensable for drying and for increasing the general musculature, we love bodybuilders and athletes of other sports.


As for the steroid profile of the drug, it completely lacks a conversion to estrogens. Has a pharmacological index of 62%, androgenic - about 25%. Has no progestin effect on the body. The duration of exposure depends on the ether. During the passage of the doping test is detected in the body for up to 14 days.

To buy Masteron Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals in Ukraine is worth it because it will help to build up and preserve the muscles, give each a beautiful relief, ensure the dryness of the muscle fibers, gives a diuretic effect (reduces the amount of water in the muscle structure), reduces the fat layer, provides a muscle definition, allows muscles become dense and firm.


Before taking a solo or combined course, it is recommended to consult a doctor. On average, the weekly dosages of Masteron are 300 to 500 mg. The duration of the course can be minimally 6 weeks and not exceed 10 weeks. Injections are advised to be carried out 2 to 3 times a week. For beginners, it is best to use the drug in a dosage of 50 milligrams, taking it every other day. They also advise experts to start with a solo course lasting no more than 6 weeks. After the steroid course, PCT should be performed. It consists in the use of Clomid - clomiphene citrate. It should be taken at 50 mg in the first 30 days after the end of the course, but at 25 mg for 15 days - if the course of treatment was mild. In passing, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes, chondroprotectors, other supplements that help restore body strength.

In addition to the solo course, combinations of this preparation are known, which allow to solve the tasks set for themselves. For example, for effective drying, you can use a binder Masteron-Winstrol or Masteron-Oxandrolone. If the athlete wants to get a muscle gain, you can apply a combination of the drug with Testosterone Propionate. To increase physical strength several times, it is advised to pass Masteron's course together with Testosterone, Turinabol or Methandiene. In parallel, you should enter a combined course of gonadotropin. It will not allow you to suppress the production of your own testosterone by the body.


Masteron, the price for which is available today for everyone, is relatively safe. Because he does not have such pobochki that occur in his colleagues - for example, in the same Test. The most terrible undesirable phenomenon for fans of pharmaceuticals is gynecomastia. Even at excessive dosages you will not encounter such a phenomenon, since the drug does not have the phenomenon of aromatization. And such side effects as acne are nothing compared to all the benefits that can be obtained after Masteron's course from Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals. Adverse estrogenic, androgenic, cardiovascular testosterone phenomena and even hepatotoxicity are mentioned, but they are rare and only in case of taking the drug longer than prescribed or in excessive doses.

Athletes' reviews confirm the high effect after the course of Masteron, the excellent quality and structure of muscle mass, the normal tolerability of injections, the low phenomenon of recoil, an acceptable cost in the territory of Ukraine.

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