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Clomid 50mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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The best assistants of bodybuilders and some other professional athletes, according to experts and doctors, are antiestrogens.

Why do we need antiestrogens?

Clomid When an athlete takes a course of drugs, his body stops producing testosterone on his own. Thus, he enters into a mode of saving - because the hormone comes in an external way in sufficient quantity, the male organism does not consider it necessary to use its resources. The longer the course lasts, the more the "hypophysis-hypothalamus-testicle" arc is suppressed. Also, it directly depends on the ratio in the body of such important hormones for the athlete, such as prolactin, estradiol, progesterone. This arc will fade away the faster, the higher the usual level will be even one of all the above substances. Therefore, it is advised during the course to carefully monitor the amount of these hormones in your body, pass all scheduled examinations in time, and also purchase preparations with the presence of estradiol and prolactin.

Thus, if the arc is excessively inhibited by taking medications, then it will take a very long time to spend at the end of the course of administration to bring it to normal and to promote the natural production of testosterone in the required quantities. In turn, the faster you can establish a normal production in the body of this type of hormone, the faster you can slow down the muscle mass and loss of strength. It is at this stage in life that athletes are able to use anti-estrogens. They are such drugs as clomid, torimifene citrate and tamoxifen citrate. The latter should not be spoken of at all, since its reception can provoke more negative consequences than favorable for the state of the organism.

According to experts, the best for all bodybuilders is suitable drug clomid. Of course, its cost is slightly higher than that of other anti-estrogens, but it is worth it, because it is very high-quality, and has also proved to be quite effective and effective.

Principle of work of Clomid, his role on the PKT

Clomid citrate is a synthetic compound that must be used internally. Its effect is due to the blocking of estrogen hormone receptors inside the pituitary and hypothalamus. This drug, which experts recommend to use even with infertility, can positively affect the increase in production of FSH and LH, provokes normal egg production in follicles and spermatozoa.

Sometimes some athletes with the goal to establish a natural production of testosterone begin to apply all sorts of dietary supplements. In fact, their reception is not able to provide effective help to the body, which after the end of the course is not in the best shape. The level of testosterone hormone in the blood is determined by the number of follicle-stimulating and lyutenizing substances available there, which are completely absent in the male body during post-course therapy.

The drug clomid has an undoubted positive effect on the amount in the body of the athlete FSG and LH. It also has the property of uniting with estrogen hormone receptors, so its indicator in a laboratory blood test will prove to be quite impressive. The effect of taking the drug clomid can be seen already in the first week of its administration. And after a couple of weeks the level of testosterone in the body of a man will gradually come back to normal, in levels of FSH and LH can achieve natural indicators. The number of weeks for the use of the drug is determined individually in each case. After all, each athlete has his own peculiarities of the organism, and if one is enough for several weeks of admission, another for a full recovery may take more than one month.

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