Pharma Test E300

Pharma Test E300
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Testosterone Enanthate
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PharmaTest E 300 is a preparation manufactured by the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Pharmacom Labs. A very common drug among professional athletes of such heavy sports as bodybuilding and powerlifting. The period of active action in the body of an athlete is up to three weeks and depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the organism and the hormonal background.

The main active substance PharmaTest E 300 is testosterone enanthate, the concentration of which reaches 30 mg / ml. Form release - liquid for injection, 10 ml in one ampoule.

Accession of the ester chain to the main active substance led to the fact that a single injection of the injection acts in the body of an athlete up to two weeks. The principle of action of testosterone enanthate - provokes active changes in the nitrogen balance of cells, and also causes active protein synthesis and promotes the accumulation of a significant amount of water.

Testosterone enanthate does not have a toxic effect on the liver.

Buy PharmaTest E 300 in Ukraine in a regular pharmacy without the appropriate prescription is impossible. Therefore, the only option is to order the drug through an online store. But this nuance does not diminish popularity among athletes, even despite the moment when the price of testosterone enanthate is a pharmacist. The cost of the drug is somewhat overstated, but this becomes a guarantee of quality. In the event that the PharmaTest E 300 was found and its price is pleasantly surprising, then, most likely, it is a fake and purchasing this product is dangerous for health.

Action PharmaTest E 300
Testosterone enanthate pharmacist testimonials testify to the popularity of the steroid among athletes who are professionally engaged in power sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, eventing. The drug is actively used for any increased power loads, thanks to the effect that it has on the body, namely:

Increase in strength and endurance performance

The increase in muscle mass - largely this occurs due to the accumulation of water, and at the end of the course of admission, the phenomenon of recoil is often observed, which can be reduced or completely eliminated by the use of certain pharmacological drugs

PharmaTest E 300 is used for problems with ligaments or joints

Stimulates regenerative processes in the body

Increases general condition and tone

Helps to eliminate the syndrome of overtraining

Increases the oxygen capacity of the blood - a process that consists in increasing the erythrocyte mass, which ensures the delivery of increased amounts of oxygen to the muscle fibers. This process allows an athlete to train in aerobic mode for a longer time

Has a pumping effect

Pharmatest e 300 how to take
The drug has a long effect on the body, for two weeks, and therefore it is recommended that injections are administered no more often than once a week. In sports practice, there is a variant of distributing a weekly dose for several techniques to maintain the concentration of the drug in the blood at an invariably high level.

The course of the pharmatest e 300 lasts from two to 2.5 months. The recommended dosage during the entire period of intake is 250-500 mg per week. It is important that for beginners or amateur athletes the necessary initial dosage is 100 mg per week with the subsequent increase to the maximum allowable rate. Such precautions are necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the body to the drug and in the case of the smallest deviations, it is recommended to stop or stop the use of the drug.

Exceeding the dosage provides a directly proportional increase in the effect produced. Experienced athletes can afford such actions, using additional gonadotropin, whose task is to restore the production of endogenous testosterone.

PharmaTest E 300, used as a stand-alone preparation, has an excellent result.Depending on the goals, the drug can be combined with other vitamins

PharmaTest E 300 + methandienone or nandrolone - a joint application is popular among athletes, whose goal is to quickly set a large volume of muscle mass and increase strength. The course of this bundle of drugs requires mandatory use of post-course therapy, as well as the use of restoring pharmacological drugs directly during the course.

PharmaTest E 300 + stanozol, turinabol or boldenone - a bunch for beginners, because they are not inferior in efficiency, but they have a low risk of side effects

Post-course therapy
Post-course therapy is an obligatory measure after the end of the course of taking anabolic drugs. Taking Proviron or an aromatase inhibitor will stop the development of estrogenic side effects. The use of these drugs is recommended to begin as early as the second week of the course and continue for a week after its end. If the recommended dosages are exceeded, gonadotropin should be used. In addition, blockers of cortisol are taken, as well as mandatory observance of the sports nutrition regime and a decrease in the intensity of training.

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