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Boldoged 200 Golden Dragon (Euro Prime EPF)

In the arsenal of each professional athlete, there are always several modern-proven modern steroids, which he "curses" to achieve the best results in the professional field. One of these drugs is Boldoged from the well-known producer of "pharma" - the Republic of Moldova Golden Dragon Euro Prime EPF. The main component in its composition is boldenone undsilenate, developed in the middle of the last century by the specialists of Ciba. Boldoged 200 appeared after the decision to create an analogue of methandrostenolone with a longer exposure to the body.


Currently, this anabolic is available in the arsenal of bodybuilders and other siloviki. In its properties, it is very different from Methane, the similarity can be noted except in the chemical composition of the molecules. Boldoged's methane molecule does not have a 17-alpha-methyl group. In terms of anabolic index, the steroid is identical to testosterone, but its androgenic qualities are two times smaller. The drug has a low degree of progestogen, as well as estrogenic activity, which reduces the risk of getting pobochek due to its intake to a minimum. Usually, injections are applied once a week, since the main active substance actively works inside the body for up to 15 days. In the blood, it is really detectable even within 5 months after the end of the course.

Effects of Boldenone

Why now many athletes want to buy Boldoged in Ukraine. Because they are aware of all the positive results from taking the funds from other athletes or have already had time to try it on their own.

The effect of taking the drug according to the instructions from the manufacturer implies the build-up of tight and dense musculature to a moderate extent without the phenomenon of recoil after the course, which all beginners fear. Also, we should expect an improvement in appetite, so that with a competently compiled daily diet the athlete will be able to get from the food all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The steroid is guaranteed to make every athlete an order of magnitude stronger, which is important for the siloviki. He is also popular among athletes, since he has a beneficial effect on the increased production of red blood cells.

Admission rate for weight

Unlike most modern steroids, the Baldoged's course can last up to 20 weeks. At an average recommended dosage of 400 mg - 1 g per week, beginners are advised to start at lower dosages to track the body's response to the drug. Profi in individual cases exceed the maximum allowable threshold of 1000 mg, but they should not forget about the risk of getting pobochek, and not only positive results. Women should use a drug in the amount of 50-100 mg per week.

Well-proven and combined courses with the participation of Baldoged. If you plan to build muscle, a pair of it should choose a course Boldenon + Turinabol or Trenbolon. When it is necessary to carry out a high-quality drying, the preparation is combined with Anavar or Winstrol. To avoid strong suppression of the body's production of its own testosterone, the combined course should not last more than 1.5 months. Along with steroids, it is advised to take anti-estrogens, and on PCT use Clomid and testosterone booster.

Side effects on the course

If the athlete decides to order the Golden Dragon Boldoged, he must carefully read the instructions for using it. The drug is maximally safe for health, if not delay the course and do not exceed the working dosages. It is not toxic to the liver, so on the course you should not worry about disruptions in its habitual work. Since the steroid is endowed with a weak aromatization, in some cases, there are possible side effects such as water retention within the constitution or gynecomastia. It is also extremely rare to develop such undesirable phenomena as acne, alopecia, increased fat content of the skin and others that are androgenic in nature.


Usually, athletes leave positive reviews about this drug - an excellent increase in muscle without the subsequent rollback, physical strength and endurance, can be obtained both during the solo course, and after combinations of the drug with others. If you compose a nutritious diet correctly, schedule training visits and a steroid intake scheme, the risk of getting along with the positive results of the pills is minimized. With regard to aromatization, it occurs very rarely and only when tightening the recommended course and exceeding the maximum dosage of the steroid. As the price for Boldoged in Ukraine is relatively affordable, it can be purchased by both pros and newcomers.

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