BioTech USA Protein power

 BioTech USA Protein power
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Biotech USA Protein
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Protein power from the American brand BioTech is the source of the highest quality casein and soy protein. This is a unique product, 100% recommended for people actively engaged in sports, and the issue of muscle mass increase for which is very important. Particularly the effectiveness of the protein can be felt during drying, when the fat layer leaves, and the protein helps maintain the acquired form, it is also very important during the weight loss period.

Protein protein contains a large amount of protein, important amino acids, and in small doses, fats and carbohydrates are not needed for the body. Due to the minimal amount of lactose, the additive can be used by people with intolerance to dairy carbohydrates. It is known that BioTec's additional Protein Protein protein for athletes is needed to increase muscle mass and save energy resources. With regular exercise and the use of whey protein, you can get high results in building a beautiful body. It is worth noting the positive effect of the product on the body as a whole.

A specially selected composition contributes to the enrichment of the body with important vitamins and trace elements, which also strengthen the immune system. BioTech USA Protein power should be taken twice a day between meals or 30 minutes before and after the workout. One serving should mix 30 grams of dry mix with 250-300 ml of water or juice.

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