Biotech IsoWhey Zero LACTOSE FREE 500g

Biotech IsoWhey Zero LACTOSE FREE 500g
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Biotech IsoWhey Zero LACTOSE FREE 500g
Iso Whey ZERO lactose free from BioTech USA (Iso Wei ZERO Biotech) is a sports supplement in its purest form. It is obtained by filtration. BioTech Iso Whey ZERO lactose free is a unique biological substance that is rapidly absorbed into the body. The drug is widely used among athletes. It is used to recruit masses of muscles, as well as to reduce body weight.

Effectiveness of the drug
This product does not contain fats, carbohydrates and sugars. This gives you the opportunity to get the most effective result and allows you to:

· Realize the necessary capabilities;

· Gain volume of muscle mass;

· Achieve a goal.

Protein from BioTech USA contains BCAA-amino acids and L-glutamine, which guarantee a continuous increase in muscle volume. The patented additive is great for professionals in the field of bodybuilding, athletics, powerlifting, as well as beginners.

Universal composition
Iso Whey ZERO absolutely does not contain dangerous substances that have a negative effect on the body. One portion of the drug contains a clean protein, which allows each one to build muscle tissue.

The product contains only selected ingredients containing protein. The amino acids of this substance are perfectly suited for maximizing the effect of weight gain. They contain a large number of essential and irreplaceable BCAAs, EAA amino acids and L-glutamine, which is the most important among substances for the purpose of muscle growth.

Iso Whey Zero is irreplaceable for those who can not tolerate lactose, but want to get the fastest effect. This protein is the cleanest in its composition, characterized by good quality and guaranteed result. Progressive firm BioTech pleases the quality and effect of the best whey isolate.
Receiving the drug

BioTech's Iso Whey Zero is a multifunctional and super effective drug. The American brand represents a modern protein isolate. The company specializes in sports pharmacology. Today it is the most optimal solution for a great muscle mass. Receiving the drug is absolutely safe due to the following characteristics:

· Passes microfiltration;

· Made on the basis of whey;

· All necessary stages of verification pass;

· Tested by many test experiments.

To receive the drug, it is necessary to mix a portion at a dosage of 25 g and 200 ml of water. You can use skim milk instead of water.

BioTech Iso Whey ZERO ensures maximum absorption and high quality raw materials, which will definitely help you succeed.

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